This is what a relationship expert thinks about open relationships

Open relationships aren’t for everyone, but for a select few, they’re a perfect way to revamp a romantic or sexual connection — as long as those open relationships are navigated in a healthy way.

When it comes to making them work, Brit & Co had a few questions and that’s why they enlisted the help of a reliable source: Andrea Syrtash, a full-time relationship expert and the author of the book Cheat on Your Husband (With Your Husband). Syrtash gave a few pointers on how to make an open relationship successful, noting a few key methods that both parties should follow. But first thing’s first — in Syrtash’s eyes, what can be defined as an open relationship?

“It’s essentially one in which the two people involved have agreed to engage in a romantic and/or intimate relationship outside of their primary romantic relationship.”
So, in other words, it’s definitely not an exclusive pairing.

Next up, Syrtash made sure to mention that for any open relationship, trust and communication is of the utmost importance. “It’s important to already have clear communication, respect and trust as the foundation of your relationship before broaching this,” she said. Which, makes perfect sense. If you can’t trust your partner, having an open relationship with them will surely lead to hurt feelings.