8 Senior Dating Tips to Have the Best Time

Many individuals trust that once they hit their 50s, dating rapidly goes downhill. We persuade ourselves there’s sorry scraps out there, or that nobody will discover us appealing any longer. In any case, we couldn’t possibly be more off-base.

Others stress over how everything appears to be so not the same as when you did it previously. Internet dating appears like the approach, however it’s unnerving from a remote place.

In any case, prepare to be blown away.

It’s not very late for you. It’s never past the point of no return!

What’s more, regardless of whether you’re just hoping to get out there and make some new companions, or you’re searching for something somewhat more genuine, we are very brave and tried senior dating tips to enable you to have the best time.

1. Get over the stigma.
Online dating is the new way people meet now. It’s no longer seen as something for people who are desperate or strange. The sooner you get okay with that in your head, the better.

There are so many online dating sites now, including ones aimed at people aged 50 and over. They’re safe, easy to use, and a great place to meet people with shared interested who aren’t too far away from you. Plus, it means you don’t have to go to a bar to meet people.

2. Don’t wait too long to meet up.
It’s best to keep the messaging online to a max period of two weeks before meeting up. There’s only so much you can learn and know about someone without meeting them in real life.

A casual chat over a drink or up of coffee is a great way to get to know someone, and will help you figure out if you’ve got much in common, or if there’s any chemistry there. If you’re nervous, try chatting on the phone first so that you open up a little more and put yourself at ease.

3. Don’t take it too seriously.
You’ve probably spent your whole life being serious and responsible—now it’s your time to let your hair down and just enjoy yourself!

Adopting a playful, spontaneous, positive attitude is so much more attractive to others, and it allows you to have a way better time when dating. Don’t look at this as a chore—it’s an incredibly exciting new adventure for your heart and soul.

4. Get the perspective of someone younger.
It’s natural to feel a little out of touch, and if you’ve got kids or nephews or nieces, or anyone who’s 30 or under, don’t be afraid to ask them for a bit of help.

They can help take a great photo of you which you can use as your profile picture, they can give you pointers on your bio, and also help you with any technical issues you might have using an online dating site.

5. Prepare to meet lots of different people.
You’ll find so many different people, personalities, interests and backgrounds on dating sites. It doesn’t matter who or what you’re looking for—it’s out there. Just be prepared to encounter some people that aren’t your cup of tea too.

It’s the same as real life—not everyone will be like you, and you won’t want to be friends with everyone.

6. Find a dating site to suit your needs.
As I mentioned earlier, there are tons of dating sites and apps out there—many aimed specifically at senior daters. Each one has its own pros and cons, and it’s worth taking the time to do a little research to find the one that’s going to suit you the most.

And don’t be afraid to try a few out and see which one you prefer. There’s no rule that says you have to be on one site. In fact, most online daters are on two or three.

7. Pick a great first date spot.
If you do reach the point of going on a first date, try and head somewhere that’s busy, but not too crowded or noisy. That way there’ll be no awkward silence, and it’ll put you both in a positive, cheery mood.

Pick somewhere that’s nice and friendly, but not too fancy. Start with just drinks or a coffee—dinner is a big commitment for a first date.

8. Take your time.
It’s okay to take your time and ease yourself back into meeting new people and dating again. There’s no rush.

Get to know someone really well before deciding you want to make things exclusive (if you do). Allow a natural foundation of trust to build gradually over time.

Dating in your 50s might be hard, but let’s be honest—dating at any age is difficult. Remember to stay safe, and enjoy yourself. You never know who you may meet or what you may learn about yourself.

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