5 Bullshit Excuses You Use to Avoid Meeting Women

By letting go of his limiting beliefs, my friend altered the course of his life. Now it’s time for you to stop making these 5 excuses and land the woman of your dreams.

What if other people hear me? When this occasionally happens, it’s only for a couple seconds. No one cares about your random conversation enough to actively eavesdrop.

Regardless, your fear of being judged for approaching someone is unfounded. From my experience, people see your approach as inspiring and brave.

Most girls who see you know that, deep down, they’d love to meet the right guy that way (if they’re single). It’s the ultimate Hollywood romance moment. They’re thinking, “That’s so cute. I wish that would happen to me.”

Most men who see you think you’re a badass. Every guy wishes they had the confidence to talk to attractive women. I’ve had guys over the years stare in disbelief, ask me if I really just did that, and even become clients.

What if she doesn’t want to talk to me? Then she can immediately show she’s not interested and walk away. You’re not going to be groping, harassing, or saying anything vulgar to these women. You’re just introducing yourself.

Outside of bars and clubs, women almost always reject men one of two ways: with a simple “Thanks, but I have to get going,” or “I have a boyfriend.” Quick and painless — it takes less than ten seconds.

What if she rejects me? Then congratulations! Let me be the first to welcome you to the normal human experience of rejection. We all face it at some time or another.

All rejection means is you weren’t right for that one person. Maybe they were unavailable or you didn’t fit what they were looking for. Maybe they were busy. Or maybe you didn’t make the strongest approach.

Rejection is horrible for you because you’re taking it personally. You’re seeing yourself as less of a man. But enduring rejection makes you more of a man.

I’ve been rejected hundreds of timesand I’m proud of it. It’s made me more resilient, gave me excellent feedback, and filtered out incompatible people.

Rejects run the world. The best writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs foundsuccess through rejection.

What if she thinks I’m a creep or a weirdo? A simple hello or introduction is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a healthy way to gauge someone’s interest. And unless you’re staring menacingly at a woman from a dark alleyway, the idea of “creepiness” is bullshit.

Two guys could approach a woman the same way with one being perceived as hot, the other as “creepy”. All that’s different is whether or not that woman was attracted. It had nothing to do with the approach.

All you can do is present confident body language and a genuine smile. Other than that, you cannot predict whether or not someone will find you “creepy” — even if you do everything perfectly.

So worrying about all this is a waste of time if you have no ill intentions. If someone thinks you’re weird for wanting to meet new people, they’rethe weird one.

She doesn’t want to be bothered. So are you suddenly a mind reader? How could you possibly know that? Maybe she’s dying to meet a great guy like you. Isn’t that just as much of a possibility?

The truth is that you really have no idea, but your anxiety is feeding you excuses. I’ve seen guys hit it off with girls in all sorts of scenarios – while she’s listening to music, reading a book, working, or even demonstrating “resting bitch face”. You’ll never know how she feels until you try.